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Client Testimonials

Listed below are some of the client comments I have been emailed over the years from subscribers to my Futures Market Forecasts.


All the testimonials below are genuine and the writers have given their permission for the quotes to be used. I value my subscribers confidentiality, hence why most names are abbreviated and email addresses are not shown.


"I've been a broker for the last 18 years and I've seen a lot of things come and go, so I have to tell you, I really like the way you approach the markets and that I'm very impressed by your feel for the've had some nice winners."

Commodity Broker, Dennis Wang


"You are a true professional"

Earl. F.


"I've so much appreciated your precise market analysis."

Paul Ho


"I have been paper trading your recommendations for the last week or two, but as of Thursday I couldn't sit on the sidelines and see all this potential profit just waft past. I'm pleased to say that your recommendations have made me a tidy £4000 profit in the last two days of last week alone. This should comfortably cover my subscription for the year ahead, and I'm certain there will be plenty more profitable trades where these came from in the future. Thank you for all your additional support as well, it is a pleasure dealing with someone who replies to email promptly."

M. D.


"I think your forecasts are great."



"Thanks yet again for responding ever so promptly. It is my utter misfortune that at this point in time, I unable to afford your services but I sincerely hope and pray to God that sometime soon in the next few years, I will be able to afford your services. Sir, from whatever little interaction I've had with you over the e-mail, I've realised one thing - you have tremendous confidence in your methods of analysis, of the kind I've never seen in any other technical analyst and this makes me, an amateur technical analyst, idolise you. My gut instict tells me that one day you will become a very famous and influential person in the Global Equity Market's Arena. Sir, I am extremely grateful that you have been so patient in replying yo my previous emails.Thanking you immensely"



"I think you have done wonderfully"... M. Hartmann


"Thank you for those very nice recommendations. You give me the courage to pull the trigger and other times keep me thinking about a trade and prevent me from losing money I might have."

S. Szasz


"I am very impressed with your predictions and your detailed recommendations for safe and profitable trades. I have subscribed to advisory services and newsletters in the past but none are comparable to the services that you offer."



"I have to say, I am very impressed with the results you have had. It makes me want to mortgage the house and invest in your system!"



"You nailed the market again yesterday! Your market forecasts are money makers. How could a futures trader afford not to subscribe to your commentary!"



"I have been following your forecasts for the last few weeks and I have been impressed by both your successes and your analysis"

P. Lenes


"I have been using to simulate orders being placed using your recommendations. I placed 4 mock orders: 1 on Corn, 2 on Crude, 2 on Unleaded Gas and 3 on Cotton, starting with a mock balance of $10,000.00 USD. The account is now worth $14,500.00 USD in one week!  That is amazing."



"I work on a trading desk and I find your trading results to be extraordinary"

P.S., Professional Fund Trader


"Heart-poundingly spectacular!"

Fred M.


"An excellent job!"



"One of the best on the web!"



"I think you have done a fantastic job, from a technical standpoint as well as being responsive to input and answering questions. I like to watch you 'think out loud' "

Dr. K. Brown


"I’m really impressed with your method!"…D. Ravelling


"I've been following your trading for a couple of weeks. You're doing fabulous to say it mildly."

B.Powell, CTA


"Some great information!"



"Impressive results!"



"Some of the best information I have seen"

S. Botka


"Very informative and objective"



"I am enjoying your remarkable analysis"

W. Barsocchini


"I am very impressed with your record"

G. Wilson


"Your trading system is fantastic!"

A. Orlandino


"Thank for your service, it was very useful for me."
A. Laventyev


"Thank you for the opportunity to review your service - it is impressive" B. Garnett


"I have always loved reading your weekly forcasts... I am amazed on how time and time again you predicted with pin point accuracy the highs and lows of all markets." J. Riter


"I really like your system." ...S.Petillo, Zap Futures


"Thanks for all you are doing!  I look forward to learning ALL that you can teach me.  Your system was the first and only one I ever BELIEVED IN, and I tried lots of account is proof that you "know" something, others don't. What I respect about all this the most is, my sense of your positiveness and your truthfulness."



"You may vaguely recall that I was on your one-month free trial and I terminated just under three weeks, as I wanted to try out other advisors. Obviously I have not found one as good as you, otherwise I would not have (come back).  The signals you have given have been so good."
K.C., Singapore


"I have only papertraded S&P on your data. It's gone well and I think your service is of high quality."



"Your forecasts on the S&P have proved remarkably accurate since I subscribed."




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